Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fish Farm

Here are the roosters.

Here are some of the hens.  They average 20 dozen
eggs each day.

John's favorite animal at the
fish farm.
Here are the laying hens. Note that the eggs roll
into the metal trays.  Makes gathering easier.

Can you see the fish trying to get their food?

There have been up to 20 fish ponds.
Another pond
The fish farm manager, Elder Panter and our driver, Sunday,
touring the farm.

Marsha and Sister Panter at the fish farm.

Netting over pond to protect the young fish from
birds and animals.
There are lots of banana trees
surrounding the ponds.

The farm manager , his wife and three of their
five children.

Can you find the fish in the pond?

Here are fish in the smoker.
Finished smoked fish. 

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