Sunday, July 6, 2014

SRC Service Missionaries

Here we are with Esther and Nnina in the SRC classroom (upstairs).

The service missionaries report their contacts and progress each week.

Our volunteers love to sing the hymns.  We even have a keyboard
in our classroom to keep us on key - not that they care.

Nathaniel (in the chair) was leaving to serve a mission elsewhere in West
Africa.  Just another excuse for having a cake during our meeting.

Me with Laura - it was her birthday and reason for another cake.

Here are our service missionaries again.  This time Adelaja was leaving the SRC because he had a fulltime job.  Yipee!

Here is our group clowning out in front of the SRC.
In the left front is Christian, who is our financial
wizard who now processes the PEF loans.

Another birthday - Mbuotidem (pronounce that one) had her big 18th
birthday and she is the one holding the cake.

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