Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow where is the time going!!

I cannot believe that March is here and almost half over, just so you know the time is flying.  Since we posted last a new system has been installed known as CRM.  It is a major difference that the old program.  Much more computer oriented and a lot less paper work and more streamed line for the applicants.  Our work will change dramatically in that we will not deal much with the application process but more on support of the participants and training. 
 We just spent a week in Accra, Ghana and visited to Centers there.  Much different than the operations that we have here.  Not that what we have is bad just different resources available. 


We were able to take a day and see the worlds larges lake behind an earth dam impoundment. We located Noah's ark in Accra.

 Accra is where the area seventy’s offices and the area President reside.  It is also the location of the Temple, which we were able to attend twice while there.  One session was in French and the other English because they only had so many headsets.  We were able to be the witness couple, kind of cool. The room capacity was about 50.  The grounds around the Temple are so beautiful as always.  Love the fan shaped palm tress that lined the entrance.

Ghana has a different atmosphere that Nigeria in that it is less crowded, thus less vehicles on the road and less people of course.  It appears to be have more pride in their community in that it seemed cleaner and less randomness in their markets. Structure had some substance not just a lean-to thrown up that might fall down any minute.  It seemed like less open markets, but then less people.

We stopped at a new motel facility on the way back from the lake.  It was a beautiful setting as you can see by the pictures.  The changing room and bathroom sign was unique thus the picture.  I t rained most of the day, which kept it cool and nice.  I love it. 

    The first few night we stay in a place called the Alma House and then moved into the Novetel an much larger facility as you can see by the picture.

  Marsha is doing fine and back almost to 100 % from her stint with malaria.  Sure glad that it was a light case.  We thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers on her behalf.

  Markets that we saw along the way.  Notice the herdsman is leading the cows.  Next we have chicken for sale. Then the local street peddlers by their shops.

 I say this picture at the Novetel and thought is was unique so I have included here for you!!