Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We are HERE

By the time we left the MTC on Wed., Dec. 11th, Marsha had a dandy cold but fly away we did after having breakfast with the Justin Logan’s and Paula and then visiting with Jeff at the airport.  Our plane was delayed about an hour so we got to visit with Jeff longer than anticipated which was nice.  We arrived in Chicago and had a delay there of about an hour and a half.  Then on to London where we had three hours until our flight to Lagos, but after a bus shuttle, a tram shuttle and walking the airport twice we barely made our flight.  Due to John having shaving cream in his carryon luggage, I think we reached the gate with 10 whole minutes to spare.  Of course they loaded the plane to Lagos and then had 2 hours’ worth of delays on the runway.  John was queasy, as he took his malaria medicine without a full meal, so it was a  'pleasant' wait.  We finally reached Nigeria an hour late and nearly died getting off the plane into the heat and humidity.  Fortunately the couple meeting us endured the delay and expedited our exit of the airport.  Our travel time was about 26 hours.  The drive to the mission home was a blur as it was already dark and our driver handled the awful traffic without a pause. Our apartment is small but fine.  We were given a 9:00 o'clock dinner and then headed to bed.  The next day was busy with unpacking and meeting folks here.  Saturday the Browns took us grocery shopping and it was quite an adventure.  I miss Costco and super markets. I don't know how to describe the traffic other than it is worse than shown on the Internet.  It takes nerves of steel to drive here and the cars are just inches apart.  Lots of horn honking.  Marsha tries to think of something else.  At church on Sunday we were celebrities and everyone was super nice.  It is difficult to understand their English and visa versa.  Monday morning began the mission conference so all 191 young missionaries and the three couples that live here were all in attendance.  The hit of Monday was the soccer games.  Pretty much all day.  The food was African and scary.  We helped dish it out for the missionaries and it was all I could do not to vomit.  I don't know what was in it (it is called 'Swallow'), but it looked and smelled awful.  We ate in our apartment.  Today they had a nativity program and it was very touching.
Then the mission president asked all the couples to sit on the stand and bear their testimonies.  After which he proceeded to address the missionaries for about four hours.  It was inspiring, but my backside was dead.  Of course John had to add to the meeting by pushing a button on his cell phone and having music ring out from the stand where we were sitting.  He was mortified and I tried to be supportive, but I did chuckle.  We have two weeks to learn everything before our trainers leave, so wish us luck.  Merry Christmas.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

MTC - Wow what a Week

We have just finished a week at the MTC.  What a great experience it was.  We were the largest Senior Missionary group that has gone through the MTC, there were 153 senior with 9 of them single sisters making 72 couples. Many of them were going on their second missions, some even their third. It appeared to us that this group was covering the earth, they were going everywhere, you name it and somebody was going there.  Places that we have never heard of.  One couple that we became acquainted with were going to Germany and live in the same apartment were Bob and Yvonne lived.
It is hard to describe the feeling that the spirit left with us in the MTC, other than to say that our hearts were touched each and every day we were there.  We are home today packing and doing some finishing up work on the house. Next week we are oft to Salt Lake for some training and then Wednesday it on the plane.  will have lots to say after 18 hours in the air.  SLC to Chicago, Chicago to London and then London to Lagos.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  80 plus degrees!!!