Sunday, January 12, 2014

We are almost on our own!!!

Well it’s time for another post!! We have been here almost a month and been training to do the work.  The couple we have replaced should be home now and enjoying their grandchildren.  The Jennings are a great example that we will have.  They were dedicated up to the last minute helping us learn what we needed.  Maybe I should say teaching us we still have a lot to learn. I no long have that sweet spirit looking over my shoulder and point out the tabs and buttons to push.  Know that we already miss them. But know we will really have to learn and see what direction the Center is supposed to go. 
It seems like every day new people come into the center and want help.  We have great missionaries and volunteers to help us along the way.  What a happy bunch of individuals they are. It is totally amazing that people can be so happy with so little and most do not have much.
I have been watching the construction of a couple of building on the compound and taken a couple of pictures as you see below.  It is very interesting.  Most of the materials they pack even the 100 lb bags of cement they carry on their head.  We were shopping before the Jennings left and crossing in front of us on a busy street was a gentleman with a cast iron bathtub and attached pipe on his head.  This was something to see!!  We all had a good laugh about it but failed to take a picture.
Today Sunday 12 of January we visited a branch in Abeokuta.  It was very nice. I’ve have been so impressed with the teaching of the gospel in a pure and simple state.  Always backed up by scriptures it is so wonderful to hear and makes one wonder what he has learned over the years.
 Workers digging a foundation

Here they are mixing cement

Elder and Sister Jennings farewell dinner

 Building under construction

Security building see the bricks on his head

Stairs out side of Chapel in Abeokuta