Monday, July 28, 2014

Cape Coast Castle

View from Cape Coast Slave Castle toward the village
of Cape Coast.
Our group took a tour of the castle which was a military
post and also a holding place for kidnapped West
Africans until the slave traders came to buy slaves.
A cannon and cannonballs,.

Our group taking pictures.

John and Marsha by the cannons.

Ocean view from the castle.

Elder and Sister Pack by the cannons.


Fred and some of our group.

Fishermen mending their fishing nets and a
woman carrying some food on her head.  Carrying
things on their heads is very common.

Our group walking around the castle.
This is a grave marker within the castle for a man
names C. B. Whitehead.  My paternal grandmother
was a Whitehead. Relative?

A view of the Cape Coast Slave Castle.

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