Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brown's Going Home Dinner

Browns and Ahadjies at Zen Gardens
Bro. Charles Adebayo (our boss) with his wife and youngest

Mission home missionaries
Xavier, Quaysie, Mensah, Essien

Missionaries and Isaac eyeing the food choices

Ahadjies, Browns and John

Browns receiving their sashes
Elder Brown showing off his new tie

Leaving the restaurant after dark
Pres. and Sister Ahadjie contratulating
Sister Brown at hission home
Browns back at the mission home

Easter Dinner

Sister Brown and I fixed Easter dinner for the mission
home missionaries, Isaac and Fostina (mission president's
house girl.

Elder Brown heading to the chow line

Eating the food - mostly American

Cleaning up in the kitchen

Isaac and missionaries doing dishes

Easter Egg Hunt

Getting ready for their first Easter egg hunt
Hiding Easter eggs at the mission home


Roy, Cindy and Laura hunting Easter eggs

Cynthia, Cindy, Roy, Laura and Sister Brown

John showing the Chimezies his latest creation.

Cindy  playing the keyboard

Elder Brown with Laura and Roy

Cynthia and Sister Brown

Monday, June 16, 2014

SRC Volunteer Service Missionaries

Us with Esther (Tope) and Nnina

Meeting with volunteer service missionaries
who work in the Center
Nnina, Chioma, Juliet, Anderson, Hyacinth
Esther, Hyacinth, ID, Nnina, Chioma,
Juliet, Anderson

Laura, Hyacinth, Adelajah, Chioma, Nnina, Esther
and Nathan holding cake

Jennings leaving

Elder and Sister Jennings in SRC classroom

Jennings with Christian and Ike

Jennings and John Chigbu

Jennings at Zen Garden restaurant for Going Away dinner

Jennings and Sister Ahadjie

Receive their Nigerian "Return with Honor" sashes

Bro. Adebayo presenting gift.

Christmas in Nigeria 2013

Christmas Dinner table

The couple missionaries made dinner for the mission
president, his wife, Isaac and the mission home missionaries.



Sister Brown cutting the Christmas desserts
Elder Mensah and camera

Christmas Pizza(Domino's)  dinner with the Chimezie family
and the couple missionaries.
Bro Chimezie, Cynthia, Ray and Cindy.
Roy had a huge helping of pizza


Opening Christmas gifts

Elder Logan doing his disappearing trick