Sunday, August 3, 2014



Single Adult Cultural Activity - Marsha with one group.
Notice they have bare feet.

Logans with group.  John, on the right is one of our
SRC volunteer missionaries.

Us with John in his native costume.

Another village is represented.

Nigerians love lots of color in
their native dress.

Sisters in their native dress.

Sisters dancing in native attire.

The refreshments they are passing out are fried yam
chips and salsa.  The salsa was so spicy it hurt our mouths.

More native costumes.
Sister Brown from our ward in her native

Monday, July 28, 2014


Local mother with on child on her back and
another holding her hand.
This is the Cocoa Bean Shed which was the first meeting
place for the church in Ghana.

This is the place of the first baptisms in Ghana.

The shoreline has moved inward and the first baptism was actually
beyond the line of rocks.

Another angle

We visited the Forever Young International School founded by Joseph William (Billy) Johnson
in the portrait on the left. Billy wrote SLC asking for missionaries and waited fourteen years for them to come. 
 His son, Brigham Young Johnson, currently runs the school which has approximately 1,000 students at three locations.

Brigham Young Johnson gave us a tour of the Forever Young School.

Elder and Sister Cannon with Brigham Young
Johnson and his son, Brigham Young Johnson.

 Boarding rooms for the students on campus.
On the right is the Cannons with the Johnson family in front of the portrait.  On the left is
 the gravesite is at the school.
Our group at the gravesite of Billy Johnson.

Auditorium on the Forever Young Campus.  As a side note,
this school has been funded partially by Steve Young.

Cape Coast Castle

View from Cape Coast Slave Castle toward the village
of Cape Coast.
Our group took a tour of the castle which was a military
post and also a holding place for kidnapped West
Africans until the slave traders came to buy slaves.
A cannon and cannonballs,.

Our group taking pictures.

John and Marsha by the cannons.

Ocean view from the castle.

Elder and Sister Pack by the cannons.


Fred and some of our group.

Fishermen mending their fishing nets and a
woman carrying some food on her head.  Carrying
things on their heads is very common.

Our group walking around the castle.
This is a grave marker within the castle for a man
names C. B. Whitehead.  My paternal grandmother
was a Whitehead. Relative?

A view of the Cape Coast Slave Castle.

Trip to Ghana Training

View out the window of our room of the Elmina Slave Castle. 

View of the ocean from our room.

Our trip to Kakum National Park.  The entrance sign and littering sign.  The only no littering sign we have seen.

Left is Elder and Sister Pack, Sister Cannon and one of our leaders, Fred.  On the right
is John and Elder Cannon.  Two other while couples.

Others in our group.

We ventured on a scenic walk.

John with some of our group.
Marsha waiting her turn.

This is one of seven rope bridges we crossed.  The view was magnificent as you can see.


The first person on the left  is John Korentang our area leader with members of our group crossing one of the bridges
and John was fascinated with the bird on the right. 

Harvesting bamboo along the road.

Piles show different grades of gravel that is obtained by
women working with a hammer on a huge stone to
get the various sizes.  It is so much work,.

Another example of the crushed rock that is hammered by hand.