Sunday, November 10, 2013

So Much to do so little time to do It

The time has gone oooh so fast and tomorrow we enter the MTC.  This has been a great time, family has been here, fun has been had by all, except Tyler who could not join us because of work. Many tears have been shed as we have bid one another farewell.  We think that the most difficult for us has been the anticipation that good byes were eminent and not looked forward to.  We are still not through with the good byes.  John who is a big world traveler and says that there is still plenty of  Utah left to explore is wondering what he has got himself into.  But willing to serve where every!!!

We actually was able to squeeze in a family photo shoot. Which we will share.  Marsha finished all here jammies for the families Christmas and we opened then on Thanksgiving.  They are so cute (pictures later). 

Spoke in Church Sunday the 24 and was glad to have that behind us.  Taught the last lesson in Gospel Doctrine today 1 December and we are waiting to go to the Stake center to be set apart tonight for our missions.  That kind of makes it official!!! Then in the morning off to the MTC to report in.  Looks like we spend a week in the Provo MTC learning Preach My Gospel and then the following week Monday and Tuesday in Salt Lake to learn about the PEF program. Tentatively we leave on Wednesday and arrive in Akeja on Friday evening - 18 hours in the air I believe.  So stay tuned for the experience we will share!!!!

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