Sunday, November 10, 2013

After the Call

If the last few weeks are any indication as to what we are up against then this is going to be a great  experience!!!  Time has been flying by and we are just a week away from the MTC. Are we ready? No!!! Will we be ready? No!!! But we have no chose, the date is coming up.  It's funny every time somebody ask where are you going?  We say Nigeria!!   The response is Wow!! And then a funny look comes on their face.  Oh that will be interesting!! Yes it will we respond.
I have thought often of Elder Scott's statement "To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do thing you have never before done.".  This is surely something that we have never done and the goal was to serve the Lord where ever he wanted us.  I have always known that the Lord has a sence of humor and now I know that He has. Heat is not a thing I tolerate well, but I will have to learn.  Elder Whirthlin's talk "Come What May, and Love It" comes to mind and that is what I expect to do.  We are greatful for the call and hope that we can accomplish the thing the Lord want us to accomplish.

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