Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Call

Having been released so that we could submit our papers for a mission we started to prepare.  We felt that the Lord would know where he wanted us so left it open as to where and what. Two weeks after submitting the papers a call showed up.  We gathered as a family to open the call some by face time and others by phone.  Justin and family, Paula were in attendance.  Marsha open the call and read the letter out loud to all.  When she read Lagos Nigeria there was some audible gasps and it took a few minutes to sink in that we were going to Africa. Well we thought that we would have a few months to get ready and we did something like 77 days and leave on the 30 of December.  As we talked with people from Salt Lake they wanted to over lap with the Jennings whom we will be replacing.  So we started to plan a week in the MTC and then PEF training in Salt Lake prior to the 30th so that we could overlap.  As we were negotiating times they and us decided that we would start earlier and then we cut the prep time in half.  So we enter the MTC on December 2.  As we looked at the calendar we have started to panic.

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