Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's been a While I'm Under Construction

Beginning of Office Dec

Construction Phase

The title that we chose is to use reflect the time it take to construct a small office and a guard changing facility.  Also the time that it takes to post a new addition to our blog as many will have noticed.  Most if not all buildings in Nigeria are of cinder block and cement.  The labor is mostly by hand even on the larger buildings. These buildings below were built by the /Centre so we were able to keep an eye on the construction,  They started in December and just moved into them last week.  I have learned a lot about cinder block construction, but most of it is not would retaining.  It is somewhat the same experience that I having with putting pictures in the blog and  arranging them to be meaningful!!!!!


Finished in June 

Beginning of Guardhouse Dec
Finished Guardhouse June

There is another construction things that has impressed us and that is the use of bamboo.  It is used for support and also scaffolding.  Not sure that you would catch me on it but then I'm afraid of heights even when I know that it is secure.  Hope that you can get a feel from the pictures!!!


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