Saturday, December 7, 2013

MTC - Wow what a Week

We have just finished a week at the MTC.  What a great experience it was.  We were the largest Senior Missionary group that has gone through the MTC, there were 153 senior with 9 of them single sisters making 72 couples. Many of them were going on their second missions, some even their third. It appeared to us that this group was covering the earth, they were going everywhere, you name it and somebody was going there.  Places that we have never heard of.  One couple that we became acquainted with were going to Germany and live in the same apartment were Bob and Yvonne lived.
It is hard to describe the feeling that the spirit left with us in the MTC, other than to say that our hearts were touched each and every day we were there.  We are home today packing and doing some finishing up work on the house. Next week we are oft to Salt Lake for some training and then Wednesday it on the plane.  will have lots to say after 18 hours in the air.  SLC to Chicago, Chicago to London and then London to Lagos.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  80 plus degrees!!!

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